About the Author and the Illustrator

Jane Brandi Johnson

Jane Brandi Johnson has shown a passion for writing since creating comic strips in her Geneva, Illinois home at age 8. She is now an award-winning editor and children's author.

A graduate of Boston University, Jane enjoyed a lifetime of business ownership along with a 15-year career teaching English in the Florida School System. She now devotes her time to fundraising, writing children's books and exploring every sport imaginable!

Jane is a world traveler who believes that visiting other cultures is the most direct road to wisdom. She is the mother of two grown children and lives in Tampa with her husband, Dale.

Lisa Bohart

Lisa Bohart's goal as an artist is to illustrate each book as imaginatively as the minds of the children reading them. Each book is a magical place to venture like no other. She draws with the hope of inspiring emotion in the hearts of young viewers.

Born in Illinois, Lisa has spent most of her life in central Florida. She has enjoyed extensive travel and feels that the world is an endless source of education and inspiration!

Lisa has illustrated many award-winning children's books. She is the winner of The New York Book Festival, The Paris Book Festival, and The Mom's Choice Award, and is the runner-up of The San Francisco Book Festival.