Thank you for sending your favorites!


Well, as it turns out, I’m not the only one who has a childhood reading favorite!
Here are some of the fun responses I received via email and personal chats!

Daryl from Long Island loved The Story of Samson from the Children’s Bible.

Miss Alex from New Hampshire said that Sesame Street A-Z must have been her
favorite because she “chewed up all the edges when she was teething!” Then, after
her teeth came in, she enjoyed Finding Nemo. Alex is proud to say that she memorized
the book and even acted it out!

Luke from Seattle said that Doctor Dog by Babette Cole was his all-time favorite!

Sam, (Luke’s brother from Seattle) liked Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig. Apparently,
Sam’s parents took it to another level by acting out the book with him! Such fun!

Katherine, a dental assistant in NH, also remembers a William Steig book, Doctor
De Soto. She said everyone will get a big laugh from this one!

Jacoby from Boston loved hearing the Corduroy books by Don Freeman.

Andy from Seattle said, “Hands down, Paddington Bear was my favorite!” His father
was a pilot who took his stuffed Paddington Bear with him on trips to pose for photos
in well-known settings. He brought the pics back to teach Andy a bit of history. Imagine
a Paddington Bear traveling to London and Paris! It’s quite clear that Andy’s father
was on the right track for literacy!

Heather from Lynn, Massachusetts remembers Goodnight Moon as her favorite.

Nick from Adams, Massachusetts liked Green Eggs and Ham!

Drew from Connecticut said that his first favorite memory was Peter Cottontail. When he
got a little older, he was “kind of sucked in by The Giver which started my love for reading!”

Juliana and Jenna from East Boston liked Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems.

More favorites:
The Giving Tree
Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble