Thanksgiving 365 !

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because it it just that–time to give thanks!

With small children, ideas that are frequently reinforced are those most likely to last a lifetime.

So …maybe parents should think about putting a little Thanksgiving into every day!  Think of it as Thanksgiving 365!

One way to turn up the volume of gratefulness is to set aside a time every day to give thanks.  In our family, we use dinner time to talk about the things (big or small) that we are grateful for!

I asked a few kindergarten children what they are thankful for.  Their answers were thoughtful!   Annaya is grateful to be able to play outdoors, Romyn is grateful for having toys,  Arturo is grateful for his teacher, Max is thankful for his mom, Brian is thankful for planting flowers, Lailah is grateful for her friends at school, Kristen is grateful for her parents, Yanira is thankful for having good behavior, Michael is thankful for his pets, and AJ is thankful for restaurants!

The list is endless!